DIY: StarWars Snow Flakes


It isn’t a secret that I have a serious OBSESSION with the StarWars films: Halloween I carved Darth Vader into my pumpkin, i got ST themed cupcakes from a friend on my birthday: the list goes on and on.. Now that its almost Christmas I plan on littering the house with these adorable snowflakes that … Read more

x A Few Sick Gifts x

HO, HO, HO BIT%HES! Just days away from the mother of gift giving holidays I figured I’d put together a list of sick gifts for just about anyone you could be shopping for this holiday season.. if we like, im sure they’ll love it! Enjoy your Holidays, spread the Love darlings xo: E

Beyonce’s 20/20 Interview


Tonights 20/20 caught up with Bey to talk baby, family and new projects. “beyonce, shes one of the biggest names in pop music.. now shes even bigger, literally.. in the best way possible“ ..besides that semi-awkward introduction its a pretty good interview. Check it out! x E x

Hov Narrates RiRi’s ‘Family Values’ [VID]


You know I am pretty smitten with Rihanna and this video narrated by Jay-Z, ‘Family Values’ makes me love her even more. Perfect for this time of the year where people are spending extra time with family and you realize how important the role these people closest to you play in your life and your happiness. … Read more

Skulls & Bones Halloween @ Encore [VID]


I had an excellent Halloween weekend, with the homies and my babe, hope everyone else enjoyed theirs as well. We decided to stay local and party at Encore that night, it’s a nice club downtown Tacoma for those who aren’t familiar you should check it out. We got a table, a bottle and partied the … Read more

Happy Halloween from le Sisters

It’s been a very hectic and busy last week as we close out the month with the holiday. We wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween. Most have been already partying the whole weekend, I know I did my major celebrating on Saturday at encore, and it went all the way down. But … Read more

Around The Sound – Haunted Houses

With Halloween right around the corner, we’re here to get you in the spirit of things! -heres a list of haunted houses in our area- [click the links for all the info!]   Kitsap County Haunted Fairgrounds Location: Bremerton Open weekends Oct 14th – Nov 4th lights on – 5pm-6pm lights out 6pm – 11pm … Read more

Out & About Pictures


Some pictures I hadn’t yet posted off of my camera. At Surreal and some are from the MCC event at Nectar Lounge, and at the Seahawks game last Sunday. Taste of what I been up to (: ♥ XX, KK ♥


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