DIY: StarWars Snow Flakes


It isn’t a secret that I have a serious OBSESSION with the StarWars films: Halloween I carved Darth Vader into my pumpkin, i got ST themed cupcakes from a friend on my birthday: the list goes on and on.. Now that its almost Christmas I plan on littering the house with these adorable snowflakes that … Read more

Sylvia Ji: Gilded Roses [ART]

Sylvia Ji’s Gilded Roses A new collection of paintings from one of my favorite artists is now at the Corey Helford Gallery (Culver city, CA) until January 14th – even though im no where near that location i had to share the info wouldnt want anyone to miss it! her work is elegant, it captivates … Read more

Jamie Rojo Presents: Brooklyn Street Arts ’11 [VID]


Ill video with photographs done by  Jamie Rojo showcasing the urban art images of the year for Brooklyn Street Arts ’11. See what they have created to the “soundtrack mix of Brooklyn street sounds created by electro duo Javelin”. Love, wanna see them in person though ! ♥ XX, KK ♥

Andre De Freitas: Zombie Portraits


Recently stumbled upon the talented Andre De Freitas‘ page, its about time for a new art spotlight and i kind of felt the need to share this classic character x zombie mash-up.. Andre is a photographer/illustrator and the guy has a lot of ill work on his site check it out! x E x contact: … Read more

Gift Idea: Yeezy Embroidered Tweets !


Maybe because it’s the holidays but i have been feeling super crafty lately. E learned how to crochet and after seeing these Kanye West Embroidered Tweets by Etsy shop dealer Supervelma ( Drop Dead Quirky ), I need to learn to embroider. The idea is so ridiculous and unique I love it, and the price tag really … Read more

rebel princess


we thought these punked out Disney princesses with ink and pierced faces were pretty cute! wish there were more to share, wheres jasmine? ): x E x

INCASE: Andy Warhol


With the 25th right around the corner i’ve been getting asked for some unique gift ideas, over these next few days we’ll be trying to share as many jewels as we can! INCASE expanded their Andy Warhol collection heres the latest for your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S ..Even though im “Team Droid” with the … Read more

Mara Hoffman Miami Pop-Up Shop Items

Although we wont have the priveledge of being able to shop any of these items personally, as they are all for a special collection in Miami for Mara Hoffman‘s pop-up shop, we can still lust after them. As a huge swimwear fan, I was excited to see this fun and extremely original pieces, especially the … Read more


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